Kindle Fire HD Charger- How The Charger Functions

You might be one of the many people who do not understand how a kindle fire hd charger works. Unfortunately, that cannot be your fault since you largely depend on public information to get hold of such details. It is with that understanding in mind that this article focuses on discussing the ways in which the charger operates in the process of determining the status of any battery before, during and after charging. Therefore, four key techniques used by the charger to determine the status of a battery are discussed below for your information.

Kindle Fire HD Charger 300x266 Kindle Fire HD Charger  How The Charger FunctionsThe negative delta voltage is one of the techniques to be learned about in this article. Under this, the voltage of a battery goes up drastically when charging begins but begins to go down as the charging nears completion. That ensures there is no cases of overcharging and this is how the technique came into being. Actually, many of the chargers being used nowadays make good use of this technique making it very common. Smart chargers are the most common types that have this technique in use which is god in helping regulate the charging process internally.

Another technique is monitoring the temperature which comes into use when charging batteries that become too hot as the charging process nears conclusion. The heat comes as a result of the fact that most of the rechargeable batteries lack the capacity to store extra charge produced after the charging process is over. This charge is then converted into heat within a vey short period of time. In very many cases, batteries use the negative delta voltage to detect such a situation and act accordingly to avert a disaster.  If that happens, you must leave the hot battery to cool down before thinking of recharging it again.

Battery voltage monitoring works more or less the same as the former only that it works in a continuous manner. This means that the voltage of the battery is closely monitored through the entire charging process to make sure it does not exceed the required voltage. Most of the batteries do not go beyond 1.5v when fully charged and this technique ensures that is fully complied with. Furthermore, it is well designed to determine the speed at which the charging proceeds. This brings about the difference in speed when the charging has begun and when it is ending.

The last technique to take a look at is the trickle charging which is actually supported by most of the modernized chargers. As the name suggests, the battery switches to a trickle charging manner once it has attained the maximum charge thus cushioning overcharging. Such a mode makes sure the battery never loses any charge before it is unplugged from the power source. Likewise, it can be used when the charging is in progress as a way of regulating current flow through the charger.

With a clear understanding of these techniques, I don’t see the reason why you will have problems getting an idea of how the kindle fire hd charger operates.

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